Thursday, June 07, 2007

Mancos Renaissance Faire

Mancos Renaissance Faire

June 23 10am to 8pm
June 24th 10am to 4PM

We must be set up by 9am on Sat.

It might be easier to set up on Friday, just the tent. They want it decorated to reflect the time period. They suggest 900s to 1700s.

We will need some decoration(fabric or such) to hide the poles. We need some volunteers for that. I have a 10 x 10 tent with back. If anyone has another one we could attach them. Or we will most likely do just fine with one. There is no guarantee that we will be in the trees. Remember to also dress appropriately. Skirts, aprons, over tunics, gypsy outfits. Belly dancers(ha)!

So, I have the list of people that signed up but everyone is welcome to come. The more the merrier. I will have a lot of my wool items there since I have to be there. But I won’t be able to sell anyone else’s things since I won’t be there the whole time. I plan to take everything with me, except the tent, and then set up again the next day, a hassle I know, but I don’t know what else we can do.

Please check out the web site for more info http/

I am signing the contract for this event. I will bring the rules and liability disclaimers so you all can say you read them. I have no idea how profitable this event will be but if we have enough items it could do well. Mainly, we are there to demonstrate how they made cloth in the renaissance time.


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