Friday, September 01, 2006

The Wild and Woolly Women of the West Blog Begins!

Here we go!

A place where we can meet online, share photos, plan meetings and events, and have a web home for others to find us!

I'll put up a link to events in the sidebar with links to click if the event has a website.

It the even doesn't have a website, I'll simply list it here as a post.

For this to really work, what we need is links to interesting sites, members blogs, pics of events and members yarn!

Please email me at morgsarah at gmail dot com if you have any questions, comments, have a pic you want to put up, and event that needs to be listed, or anything relevant!

And, because I hate blogging without at least a picture or two....

Gratuitous pics of yarn I've spun this week.

(sample yarn...Rambouillet wool and silk)

(Rambouillet batts from Rowan Tree Woolery).


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